The Million Eyes of Sumuru Full online

The Million Eyes of Sumuru full movie

Frankie Avalon and George Nader (that guy from "The Robot Monster") are a couple of wise-cracking, swingin' secret agents. Their enemy is Shirley Eaton as Su-Muru, who plans to remove all of the men who are currently in power and replace them with her army of women..

Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime,

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Release Date: 1967-05-05

IMDB: 4.5/10



With : Frankie Avalon, George Nader, Shirley Eaton, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Klaus Kinski, Patti Chandler, Salli Sachse, Ursula Rank, Krista Nell, Maria Rohm, Paul Chang, Essie Huang, Jon Fong, Denise Davreux, Mary Cheng, Jill Hamilton, Lisa Gray, Christine Lok, Margaret Cheung, Louise Lee,